Google’s Sinister Plot

LCC Call Numbers:
RC556-560 Psychosexual Disorders
ZA4230-4234 Searching. Search Engines
RC520 Paranoia and paranoid states.

Clearly, Google has it out for this woman and her children. Everyone knows that Google is creating the hottest new app for registered sex offenders, right? I mean, I thought that was common knowledge?
I can understand the mother’s concern, but I don’t think it warrants an “investigative report” by the local news team. Maybe she should just be a little more patient. And secondly, I don’t like that she automatically assumes that every registered sex offender will be logging onto Google to find her daughters. This is the same kind of person who check the RSO database to find the offenders in her area and then video tapes them walking down the street.

Am I overreacting? Does this seem news-worthy?




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