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OCLC and the Dark Side

I guess this is what happens when you piss off library techno-dorks. Lovin’ it.

So much for that quiet policy change…

Via SHARE Library Consortium Technology Planning Committee


George Goes To The Library

The announcement will be made Monday, that the George W. Bush library will be at Southern Methodist University.

I know this is fake, but I still think it’s relevant.


Piracy Madness

Ars Technicha has a great article describing a film produced by the National District Attorneys Association in cahoots with the RIAA, titled In Trial: Prosecuting Music Piracy. Here is a link to the torrent in question.

As the article points out, this looks to be a very entertaining video along the lines of Reefer Madness.


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I’m gonna go out on a limb here…

and state for the record that Erik the Librarian is not funny. No way, no how.

I’m sure that most librarians have already spiked the traffic to the 60 Frames website, but hopefully that won’t encourage anymore production on this Internet television series. I am all for online television, just not the crappy kind.

Now, this is funny.

If you like graphic novels…

LCC Call Numbers:
NC1764-1764.8 Comic books, strips, etc.

  At my part-time job in the coffee slinging world I have been able to obtain the NY Times Sunday edition when I work that day. One of the biggest draws for me has been Daniel Clowes run of “Mister Wonderful” in the NY Times Magazine.

  Unfortunately, I didn’t work every Sunday during the run and only read part of the story.

  Fortunately, has the full run downloadable for free in pdf format!!!

Download the funnies here.

Garner, Dwight. Stray Questions for: Daniel Clowes. New York August 24, 2007. <; Accessed February 14, 2008.

A thing of beauty.

LCC Call Numbers:
NK2115.5.C6 Color in interior decoration.
HX1-805 Socialism. Communism.


  I have made attempts at this before, but hardly on this scale. I’ll have to keep my eyes on spines the next time I’m at the thrift store.

  A bookshelf organized by color. It’s quite stunning. However, I wonder how many of those books the individual has actually read. Utility Vs. Futility? I remember my parents having a set of Encyclopedia Britannica on our bookshelves for the sole purpose of “looking nice.”

  Chances are most of the books in this collection would not be used otherwise. The sacrifice of the few for the common good. So. it’s a communist bookshelf? Most people who commented on this bookshelf said the idea was stupid because you would never be able to find a book. These are probably the same kind of people who don’t get “art.” It is beautiful, can’t that be enough? Why must it be so cold and organized?

  If we used more creative approaches to organizing we might be able to inspire patrons. I suppose we should also consider the possibility that patrons would get really pissed.

<; February 12, 2008. Accessed February 13, 2008.

Google’s Sinister Plot

LCC Call Numbers:
RC556-560 Psychosexual Disorders
ZA4230-4234 Searching. Search Engines
RC520 Paranoia and paranoid states.

Clearly, Google has it out for this woman and her children. Everyone knows that Google is creating the hottest new app for registered sex offenders, right? I mean, I thought that was common knowledge?
I can understand the mother’s concern, but I don’t think it warrants an “investigative report” by the local news team. Maybe she should just be a little more patient. And secondly, I don’t like that she automatically assumes that every registered sex offender will be logging onto Google to find her daughters. This is the same kind of person who check the RSO database to find the offenders in her area and then video tapes them walking down the street.

Am I overreacting? Does this seem news-worthy?