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Library Rage

Parker Posey as Mary in Party Girl

After several afternoons of repeatedly shelf-reading those floppy Moody’s / Mergent Bond Records, I find my library ire levels skyrocketing. Happily I can mediate library rage through Art; my internal reaction has been dramatized in this video between 2:03 and 3:27, an excerpt of Party Girl featuring Parker Posey. (Clicking will take you to YouTube. This particular video doesn’t allow embedding.)

My actual responses involve organizing and flushing the serials. And not “down the drain” flush, the arranging “with adjacent sides, surfaces, or edges close together” kind.

  • Birckmayer, Harry, Daisy von Scherler Mayer, Parker Posey, Anthony De Sando, Guillermo Díaz, Donna Mitchell, Liev Schreiber, Omar Townsend, and Sasha Von Scherler. Party girl. Culver City, Calif: Columbia TriStar, 2003.

If you like graphic novels…

LCC Call Numbers:
NC1764-1764.8 Comic books, strips, etc.

  At my part-time job in the coffee slinging world I have been able to obtain the NY Times Sunday edition when I work that day. One of the biggest draws for me has been Daniel Clowes run of “Mister Wonderful” in the NY Times Magazine.

  Unfortunately, I didn’t work every Sunday during the run and only read part of the story.

  Fortunately, has the full run downloadable for free in pdf format!!!

Download the funnies here.

Garner, Dwight. Stray Questions for: Daniel Clowes. New York August 24, 2007. <; Accessed February 14, 2008.