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We’re all about class.

LCC: ZA3038

  One thing we would like to highlight in this blog is the need for classification and proper citation. Where would the world be without the Library of Congress Classification system? It would be in bedlam, that’s where!

  I find it interesting that the system has been criticized for being developed based on it’s relation to the physical space of the Library of Congress instead of “epistemological elegance.” Is the entire system a result of laziness? One man’s gigantic half-assed attempt to contain the world’s knowledge in a numerical system? Perhaps Herbert Putnam is looking back and having a good ol’ laugh?

  This is the main subclass that we’ll be dealing with on this blog.

Subclass ZA
ZA3038-5190 Information resources (General)
ZA3150-3159 Information services. Information centers
ZA3201-3250 Information superhighway
        Information resources (General) – Continued
ZA4050-4775 Information in specific formats or media
ZA4050-4480 Electronic information resources
ZA4150-4380 Computer network resources
ZA4450-4460 Databases
ZA4550-4575 Motion pictures. Video recordings
ZA4650-4675 Pictures. Photographs
ZA4750-4775 Sound recordings
ZA5049-5190 Government information

  I’m particularly that the term “information superhighway” will live on. I imagine this blog as an AMC Pacer on the information superhighway, being passed by the likes of Google, which would probably be the Starship Enterprise at Warp 9.


  All the same, we’ll do our best to make a mark on your interstellar Internet radar. We hope this blog will be useful, informative, interesting, outlandish, and above all classy.


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